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Business Support Services

Regardless of the size of your entity, every business requires certain operational elements to drive performance, which are often best provided through a professional Business Support team, whether as a one-off service or under an outsourcing platform.

Under this service group, we offer niche BPO, payroll management, service outsourcing, and other winding down services such as liquidation and insolvency, to mention a few.


Business Support Services


Business Process Optimization

Our business process modeling approach is designed to provide the management team with an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of the operational and financial policies instituted within a Company’s operational framework.

The scope will primarily be specifically planned and designed to focus on key risk areas, taking into consideration the risk drivers relevant to the entity by considering the aspect of operations being reviewed.

Process reviews or designs will seek to produce a revised organisational structure, effective systems and controls to drive the operational and financial activities of the organisation.

The focus will be to produce a revised SOP that will ensure operational efficiency and be replicable to ensure business continuity and the safety of the Company’s assets while preventing misappropriation of resources in all constituent components of operations.


Payroll Management Services

Our services under payroll management are aimed at taking the burden of the payroll function off the chest of our clients so that they are able to focus on their core business activity.  The service is also geared towards ensuring efficiency in payroll calculations and statutory deductions (tax, pension, NHF, etc.) administration in a manner that eliminates the risks of missing deadlines and suffering the attendant legal consequences, while also ensuring the confidentiality of personnel emolument information both within and outside the organization.

Our payroll management service covers the following:

  • Receiving periodic payroll instructions
  • Preparation of monthly master payroll in line with instructions
  • Jointly reviewing draft master payroll with client’s finance unit
  • Preparation and dispatch of monthly and annual personalized payslips.
  • Preparation of annual payroll summary
  • Registering new employees with the chosen pension agencies
  • Opening and maintaining a client-dedicated bank account for the administration of payroll
  • Making monthly disbursement of payroll charges to employees, pension, tax/revenue authorities, etc. from the dedicated payroll account.


Liquidation & Insolvency

Sometimes directors of a company are faced with the difficult choice of winding down the affairs of their company, either for the reason of a change in strategy, inability to meet creditors’ obligations or other reasons.  The liquidation of a company could also be initiated by an unpaid creditor so as to reduce the risk of losing the entire investment in the company.  However, liquidation and insolvency practice also includes business recovery and turnaround services for companies that are bugged down by debts and requiring restructuring to enable them bounce back to solvency

At Pedabo, our liquidation and insolvency services include the following:

  • Administrative Receivership
  • Debt Recovery
  • Voluntary Liquidation/Winding up
  • Compulsory Liquidation


HR Consulting

Organisations that realign their business models reduce breakeven cost and make use of appropriate capital management, coupled with innovative business solutions will not only survive present challenges but would defile analysts’ predictions by experiencing growth.

Research has shown that the workforce of most organisations comprises of approximately 95% employees who are non-management staff. It has been consistently observed that companies that outsource certain categories of their staff are non-core business functions continue to post higher returns.

Outsourcing is one of the popular models that top performance within the Nigerian economy utilised to drive operational effectiveness, cost reduction, mitigate fraud, attract best talent and gain higher market share amongst others. Today, outsourcing is seen as one of the best management tools to strengthen business capacity.

Pedabo HR conuslting provides business support solutions including one-off recruitment, outsourcing, learning & development, payroll management and performance management. All of which provide businesses with a better alternative to achieving process improvement, reduce cost, mitigate fraud and corrupt practicfes and lay hold of diverse opportunities in the the business space. We believe that all businesses can succeed if given the right mix of competences. These include the people, process, technology, culture, but most importantly, strategy. Our goal is to help our clients make a success of their efforts to achieve the right blend of these critical success factors.

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